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Student Spotlight

Since she was very young Senior Melissa Escobar, encouraged by her great grandmother, had a keen interest in her faith.  It was instilled in her that faith is the platform of life.  This was further strengthened by her mother who has worked in a Catholic parish all of Melissa’s life.  Her family is small, but the bonds are strong.  They gather regularly for traditional Salvadoran food and Dodger baseball.   Not surprisingly, Melissa’s favorite class in high school is Theology.  She credits the classes for not only teaching her the history and sacramental life of the Catholic faith but also opening to an understanding of differing spiritual beliefs from students in class and from articles or documentaries that are viewed.  Through that understanding Melissa’s own Catholic faith grew deeper. 

As part of the Campus Ministry Team since her freshman year, Melissa is currently serving as the Liturgy Coordinator.   She was also in a leadership position in her junior year as the Service Coordinator. Youth Day is an event where Melissa appreciates sharing her faith together with thousands of teenagers.  An exciting opportunity she had was on the Social Media Team for Youth Day when she interviewed Archbishop Gomez.  In addition to Campus Ministry she is also involved with the service organization Young for Unity and the academic program Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica. 

When not involved in service or academics Melissa might be found in her favorite spot on campus – the grass field.  It is here in her junior year, without any previous experience, she tried out for and made a spot on the Wildcat Soccer Team.  Even though she was injured, the field reminds her that she can do whatever she sets her mind to.  In that space, she can reflect on the quote by Diet Eman, “I was totally dependent on God.  And he never failed me.”

Her plan after graduation is to start packing.  Melissa has applied to Rice University in Houston, TX and St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX.   She would like to live in the state of Texas, where she has many relatives.  She has also applied to several colleges locally such as LMU, Pepperdine and Santa Clara University.  Regardless of where she goes, she intends to major in Theology and become a professor and teach as many people as possible about the Catholic faith.

When asked what word it is to describe her experience at BCLHS, she stated the word encouragement.  Here she was accepted and learned to believe in herself.  She was pushed to trust she could accomplish anything and to follow dreams even in hard times.  With the knowledge that God provides, her strong family bond and the encouragement of her teachers and peers, Melissa will graduate as a woman of faith, learning, responsibility and vision.