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Student Spotlight

BLCHS junior, Keirin Toledo plans to become a pediatrician.  She recently attended the east coast college field trip with 17 of her peers.  She was very impressed with both Boston College and Columbia University.  She said that she can imagine herself on either of those campuses.  It is a dream well within this young woman’s reach. 

When asked what word describes her feelings about BCLHS, Keirin said “gratitude.”  Her gratitude extends beyond what she has learned academically to include those things that shape character.  The spiritual and social lessons have been very important to her especially knowing that God is always there for her, even when she feels alone.  Keirin learned at a very young age about recognizing the kindness of others and being grateful.  When she was four years old, her mother was in an automobile accident which left her with debilitating injuries that to this day prevent her from returning home to care for her children.  A strong family led by Keirin’s grandmother and aided by aunts and uncles have helped Keirin and her younger sister to thrive through good and bad times.  They visit her mother each week at the care facility and she comes home on special holidays.  That brings everyone hope and encouragement. Each member of this loving family is lifted by another.  It is very fitting that Keirin’s favorite quote is by Dr. Seuss: “To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”

It is the people at BCLHS who make it most special to Keirin.  She credits the students and staff for keeping her motivated and for coaching her about self-confidence.  She is especially grateful to her friends who she will forever hold in her heart.  Keirin is a very quiet young lady who is always thinking.  With her grade point average above 4.4, she is in the National Hispanic Honor Society, applying for National Honor Society and is currently enrolled in two college courses, Earth Science and Political Science along with AP Language and Composition, AP US History, Algebra 2 Honors, Chemistry Honors and Theology 12.  She enjoys learning more about Catholic social teaching and its impact on the world.  All of this further ignites her desire to help others. 

The world is a big place and there are many needs that require tending.  Keirin is learning that everyone, including her, is unique and special in what they do and say.  With her desire and with her great big heart, she can be the world to many people. 

It is an exciting time for her exploring her college options.  She is on track to have her choice of where she will go.  Her grandmother would prefer for her to study in California.  Her uncle understands her wish to go east.  Time will tell, and the family will be there for each other as Keirin continues her journey as a woman of faith, learning, responsibility and vision.