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Alumnae » Alumnae Day 2019

Alumnae Day 2019

Register for Alumnae Day 2019: Power Up Through Sisterhood!
Alumnae Day will be hosted at the Bishop Conaty- Our Lady of Loretto campus on May 4. All alumnae are welcome to come!
This Alumnae Day we hope to honor all alumnae with special attention to the classes of 1999, 1969 and 1959, 1949, and 1939 as their 20, 50, 60 70, and 80 year class reunions approach. We encourage all alumnae to plan something special with their respective classes around May 4th to kickoff Alumnae Day festivities. On Alumnae Day we will have special merchandise for sale from Bishop Conaty Memorial, Our Lady of Loretto, and Bishop Conaty- Loretto.
This year the theme of our event is Power Up Through Sisterhood. "Power Up" is one of our class of 1936 alumna's, Sister Corita Kent, famous art pieces. Sister Corita Kent used her art to communicate her views on the racism and poverty of the 1960s. To view more of Sister Corita Kent's art visit the Corita Art Center, the Hammer Museum or your alma mater, where we have one of Sister Corita Kent's famous paintings in our lobby!