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Spirit Week

The best week of the year!

Each year during a week in the fall students come together in a series of activities and friendly competitions building unity, school and class spirit.  The goal is for each class to build up the most spirit points by working together, participating in school activities and expressing their class pride. ASB and Class Councils determine the theme each year and designate dress-up days.  A fashion show (or costume competition) is held each day earning points for the winning class.  Competitive games each day are another way that classes accumulate points.  The highlight of the week is the hallway decorating competition.  Classes decorate their hallway and offer a brief skit according to their assigned theme for the faculty judges.  A coordinating poster is also created for later competition. The classes develop a creative chant that expresses their spirit and unity in a final competition. 
After the points are tallied, the winner receives the Spirit Trophy which is displayed in the Class Moderator's room for the year.
Spirit Week Champions
Creative, cooperative, competitive and a little crazy is what makes Spirit Week the best week of the year.
The 2019 theme is Cartoon Network.
Freshmen: Looney Tunes (Grey and Orange)
Sophomores: Powerpuff Girls (Pink and Red)
Juniors: Scooby Doo (Purple and Green)
Seniors: Adventure Time (Blue and Yellow)
2019 Dress-up Theme Days
Monday: Sleepy Monday
Tuesday: Iconic Duos
Wednesday: Decades Day
Thursday: Teacher Day