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Eligibility Requirements

All athletes must conform to all eligibility rules and requirements of the school, C.I.F. and the Horizon League

Athletes should have exemplary behavior in order to play on a team and represent the school.

Athletes must be able to commit full time to game and practice requirements.

Students will be expected to maintain at least a 2.0 average while playing on any team. Maintenance of grades while participating on a team is important. Students falling below a 2.0 at any grading period run the risk of being put off of the team.

Medical Physicals (form provided on site)
Each team member must have a medical physical each year performed by a medical doctor stating the player is fit to play the sport in which she intends to participate.

Sports Fee
There is a $ 100.00 non returnable sports fee. This fee helps defer the costs of buses, officials, tournament fees and awards. This fee should be paid to the school Financial Manager before eligibility to play is granted the student.
Rules/Regulations/Player Guidelines
Athletes will follow set guidelines and sign contract of compliance