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Final Exam Schedule

Second Semester Final Exam Schedule for Seniors

Monday, May 22
Thursday block schedule
Tuesday, May 23
Friday block schedule

Second Semester Final Exam Schedule for non-Seniors

Tuesday, May 30
Block 1 – 8:30
Block 2 – 10:30
Dismissal – 12:00

Wednesday, May 31
Block 3 – 8:30
Block 4 – 10:30
Dismissal – 12:00
Thursday, June 1
Block 5 – 8:30
Block 6 – 10:30
Dismissal – 12:00

What You Should Know

  • All financial obligations to the school must be paid before students may take final exams. This includes tuition, fees, fines, and fund-raisers. Seniors may not participate in graduation unless all tuition and fees are paid in full.  Click here to sign on to your FACTS account.
  • There are no exemptions from final exams for any reason.
  • Final exams are worth 15% of the semester grade and cover all materials taught during the semester.
  • Semester grades are permanent. Credit for failed courses will have to be made up during Summer School. If the course is offered at BCL it must be taken here.
  • Semester grades will be used to determine eligibility in next year's classes.