• The exam will be held in the GYM.
  • The exam starts exactly at 8:00am.
  • Prepare to stay from 8:00am -12:00 noon.
  • Make sure you have a good breakfast. You can bring a snack bar and a water bottle ONLY.
  • All electronic devices MUST be turned off during the exam.
  • An official proctor will provide you with a test booklet, an answer sheet and a #2 pencil.
To enter the campus please follow the protocol for your safety and the safety of all faculty and staff:
  •     Arrive at 7:45am and NO later than 8:15am
  •     Enter thru the side gate on Ardmore Ave
  •     Go directly to the GYM and find a seat
  •     Proctor will take roll at 8:00am
  •     Wait for proctor to begin the HSPT instructions