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Guidance services are available to students for academic, vocational, and personal development. Appointments with counselors may be requested by students or by their parents. Parents may phone or email the counselor for appointments; students may stop by the College and Career Center (CCC) to request an appointment.

Some of the specific services offered through the guidance program are:

  • Individual and/or group academic, career and college counseling.
  • By special appointment or teacher referral, personal counseling.
  • Testing, including achievement tests.
  • Use of a College/Career Center, which contains updated career information as well as college catalogs, admission applications, and scholarship and financial aid information.
  • Providing information about employment possibilities as this is received from the community. (The counseling office does not offer a job placement service.)
  • Opportunities to speak with representatives of colleges who visit the campus.
  • SAT and ACT information workshops.
  • Financial aid information and general workshops for parents and students.
  • Work Permit distribution.
  • Referrals for various types of services are available to students and their families.