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Procedures Related to Absence/Illness/Medication
Reporting an Absence
To receive the maximum benefit from classroom and instructional participation, it is important that a student report to school each day. However, when she must be absent from school, the parents/guardians, are required to call the school office before 9 a.m.on the day the student is absent. The school phone number is 323-737-0012 ext. 107. If a parent fails to notify the school by the time specified, every reasonable effort will be made to contact the parent for verification of the absence.
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Written Notice Required
When a student returns to school from an absence, she must present a written explanation of her absence to the attendance clerk. The note should include the student’s name, the date(s) of the absence, the reason for the absence, and the parent’s signature. The student will receive a re-admit slip which must be presented to each teacher. No student will be permitted to enter a class without the re-admit slip. If the student has an excused absence, she may make up the missed work in accordance with the course policy. Failure to bring this written excuse on the first day of return will result in a demerit; failure to bring the note the following day will result in suspension from classes. A parent will be asked to bring this note to school in order for the student to be readmitted to her classes.  If a student is absent three or more consecutive days, a doctor’s certificate is to accompany the note.
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School Assignments
If a student is absent four or more consecutive days, her parents should contact the school to request assignments and make arrangements to pick up the needed books and papers. It is the student’s responsibility to make up all assignments, projects, and tests she missed during her absence. A student who is absent three or fewer consecutive days should ask her teachers about assignments upon her return to school, or should contact classmates about class work and assignments during her absence.
A student who is not in her Homeroom and in full uniform at 8:00 AM (8:50 AM on Late Start Wednesdays) will be considered tardy. She must then report to the attendance office to sign in. (See “Discipline” section for consequences.)
Each student is allowed seven (7) excused tardies per school year. If the student is tardy more than seven (7) times, she must serve a 30 minute after school detention for every time she is tardy thereafter. This detention will take place on the day the student is tardy to school. If the student fails to serve the detention on the day she is tardy, she must serve three (3) after school detentions on dates to be determined by the Dean of Students, however she must serve all three detentions within one week after the initial tardiness. Failure to serve these three detentions will place the student on Disciplinary Probation with all of the restrictions that accompany that status. (See “Discipline” section under “Disciplinary Probation” for details).
There are to be no exceptions made to the after school detention for tardiness. Doctor appointments, carpool arrangements or any other circumstance do not excuse the student from the after school tardy detention. Students who participate in after-school activities such as sports or clubs will be late to those practices or activities.
Early Dismissal and Off-Campus Permits
Parents are urged to leave their daughters in school for the entire day. Medical/Dental appointments or other appointments should be scheduled outside of school hours and on school holidays whenever possible. If a medical/dental/legal appointment occurs during the school day, the student must present a note to the attendance clerk before school begins,and must present a written verification from the doctor, dentist, court specifying the time and length of the appointment to the attendance clerk upon her return to school.
If a special and/or emergency situation arises resulting in an early dismissal, a written request must be presented before the start of the school day, stating time and reason for this early dismissal and the means of transportation at time of departure. The student will receive an off campus permit. When the student returns to school, she must bring the off-campus permit or a note from her parent/guardian to the attendance office to receive an admit slip to return to class.For legal and security reasons, phone call requests for early release will never be honored. Parents must sign out their daughter in the attendance office. No student will be permitted to leave early on any day with a scheduled class/school-wide activity for any reason whatsoever.
In Case of Illness or Injury
If a student is injured or becomes ill at school, she is to report to her teacher and ask to go to the school office. The school does not provide treatment of any kind except for minor first aid. If necessary, parents will be contacted, using the information provided to the school on the emergency card. If immediate medical attention is required emergency services will be called and the parents will be notified.
A student may never independently call the parents and tell them to come and pick her up during the school day.
All students who are injured or become ill must check out through the office before leaving school. Students who are ill or must leave school due to an emergency, must first obtain permission to leave from an administrator or delegate, contact a parent or guardian to make arrangements to be picked up from school,and then must sign out in the school office. Under no circumstances will a student be released from school without an accompanying adult.
Student Medication Policy
State law does not permit students to carry ANY medication with them on school campus without first notifying the school. Students bringing ANY TYPE of medication to school must obtain a Request for Medication form from the Administration Office. This form must be signed and submitted to the office by the parent and attending physician indicating the frequency that the medication should be taken.
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