Integral Student Outcome (ISO)

A Bishop Conaty-Our Lady of Loretto High School graduate is a woman of...

...FAITH who

  • Understands and practices the teachings and traditions of the Church
  • Puts faith into action through Christian Service
  • Shows reverence and gratitude for God's creation
  • Strives to live a moral life in accordance with Gospel values
  • Develops a personal prayer life


  • Articulates ideas clearly in speech and writing
  • Collaborates with others
  • Thinks and learns independently
  • Demonstrates media and technology literacy


  • Respects self, others, and her world
  • Holds herself accountable for  her words and actions
  • Promotes a just , peaceful  and democratic society
  • Demonstrates leadership
  • Is guided by integrity

...VISION who

  • Makes decisions based on creative and critical thinking and problem solving
  • Nurtures individuality and hope
  • Promotes innovation
  • Sets goals
  • Perseveres
  • Adapts to change