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All students are required to be in compliance with the school uniform. The complete uniform policy is contained in Bishop Conaty - Loretto's Student-Parent Handbook.   Violation of the uniform and personal grooming code will result in a demerit. 
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Dress Uniform
Dress Uniform is required on "School Pride Days", typically on Thursdays, Liturgy Days and other special event days which are indicated on the School Calendar. 
The Dress Uniform consists of the white polo shirt with school logo, plaid skirt, black & white oxfords and school sweater (either cardigan or long-sleeved v-neck).
Full Uniform
On days that are not specified as "Dress Uniform" students are permitted to interchange the dress uniform with the option to wear a skirt, khaki slacks or khaki walking shorts, polo shirt with school logo alone or with a cardigan or long sleeved or sleeveless vest, gray Wildcat sweatshirt and solid white tennis shoes or oxfords.
Alternate Dress Guidelines
On special occasions an Alternate Dress Day may be permitted. Students also have the option of wearing their school uniform on alternate dress days. Clothes that have a tendency to give an unkempt appearance, even if they meet the letter of the law, are to be avoided. Shirts, blouses and dresses must have sleeves and shoulders and must not be low cut. Underwear may never show at any time. Shirts and blouses must be able to be tucked in. No midriff skin should be showing when a person is standing up straight and holding her arms high above her head. The length of skirts, and dresses may be no shorter than three inches above the top of the knee when the person is standing up straight; the top of the knee is the top of the bump formed by the knee cap. Appropriate women’s attire is required at all times. Shorts, no matter the length, are not acceptable.
Spirit Wear Attire
Spirit Wear consists of jeans, solid white tennis shoes, and any school sponsored shirt, sweat-shirt, or jacket.
College Wear Attire
College Wear consists of jeans, solid white tennis shoes, and any shirt, sweat-shirt or jacket with a college or university logo or mascot.