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In an effort to strengthen the students’ understanding of faith and their relationship with God and to facilitate the formation of a personal prayer life, students participate in a yearly retreat. The retreat time is also an opportunity for them to connect with their classmates and grow in the unity and spirit of our school and as a member of the body of Christ.  Please note that retreats are mandatory for each class.  I f a student does not attend a retreat they must make it up at their local church/parish.  Kairos is the only retreat that is not mandatory.

The freshman retreat is an experience aimed at building community among the freshman class, initiating them to the larger school community, and connecting them to the heritage of Bishop Conaty-Loretto High School. The design of this retreat is intended to illustrate the mission and history of Bishop Conaty-Loretto High School and to enable students to see their unique and important roles as members of this school community. It also addresses some of the social challenges and difficult choices that will confront them as they begin their high school career. The students enjoy a twilight retreat which is from late afternoon until late evening and takes place on campus.

The sophomore retreat is a day-long retreat which emphasizes the importance of service in a well-rounded and happy life. The students are called to follow the model of Jesus and live their lives in love and service to others. The design of this retreat is intended to illustrate that each student has unique gifts to offer the greater world and her mission is to discover how to best share her gifts with the greater community.  The students enjoy a twilight retreat which is from late afternoon until late evening and takes place on campus.

Taking place during the spring semester just before their ring-ceremony, the junior retreat is a day-long retreat focused on unity and the friendships that have developed over the past three years. The juniors are called to recognize that the relationships they have built together at Bishop Conaty-Loretto are strong indeed and are a reflection of the ultimate friendship they have with God. Another aspect of this retreat spotlights how they develop a value system that will aid in their decision making. The exercises and activities help them to clarify their values and take personal responsibility for living a Christian life-style. This day long retreat usually takes place at an off-site location.

The seniors have a half-day retreat on campus, near the end of their school year. This is a time for the seniors to reflect upon their high school career and assess their own growth. During the retreat the students have an opportunity to reflect and create a memory page of their high school experience. They share their memories with each other and are given the opportunity to affirm each other. Time is also given to sharing both the excitement and anxiety of taking the next path in their life journey. On the same day the students and their parents come together to celebrate a liturgy of thanksgiving.
Seniors are also offered an opportunity to participate in a KAIROS retreat. In this four-day overnight retreat, the seniors are called to focus on their many relationships (God, friends, parents, family, and self) and the central role of faith in their lives. Through this extended retreat, it is hoped that the students will better understand the gift of their own personal faith and the benefit of membership in a community of faith as well as grow in the awareness of their unique talents and individual role in life.
Youth Day

Each year the students are invited to participate in the Los Angeles Archdiocesan Youth Day held in Anaheim. This annual event is a gathering of young people from parishes and schools primarily from California Dioceses; however, there are young people from other parts of the United States as well as international participants. The young people come to attend workshops, share and discuss faith, participate in liturgy and celebrate their Catholicity with one another. The event serves as evidence that the faith Bishop Conaty-Loretto students hold is active and shared among thousands of young people in Southern California.