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Music Industry Training

Music Industry Training is a comprehensive, relevant music course providing students with contemporary skills and knowledge essential to their work as practicing musicians.

The course provided units in:1

  •   Music Business Practice, Music Licensing, A & R, Marketing, Budgeting
  •   Stage Set Up
  •   Live Audio Engineering
  •   Lighting Design
  •   Composition
  •   Operating a DJ console



The students will  become an integral part of the school, setting up all audio and video requirements for assemblies and school events.

They will be entrusted with the entire marketing, ticketing, sales, set up, front of house on the night, set up and pull down of music and other events. 

They will act as sound assistants, stage managers, stage crew, video operators, lighting operators, follow spot operators, backstage crew, dressing room supervisors, makeup artists, wardrobe mistresses in any Department of the Arts events. 2

Student Testimony

“Music Industry Training is just a fascinating class. Why? Well, I am constantly learning how the top artists around the world produce such amazing content. You name it, Bad Bunny, Drake, Taylor Swift, we study the process it takes for these geniuses to become successful performers. It's amazing to see all the preparations needed, from creating riders (backstage contracts) to setting up PA systems and subwoofers. From the beginning, we were welcomed into this highly respected industry with open arms. On a daily basis we are working with music industry standard equipment. Some may say we are the glue to our school dances with backstage/all access passes, we make the fun possible. We are becoming leaders and at the same time understanding why music can be so entertaining. Did you know that we are the first ever school to offer this program in America? I am so proud and honored to be one of the first in this family. Working together, side by side we are conquering waters where girls have never imagined to cross.”

Leslie Huerta Sandoval

MIT Student Leader