The Associated Student Body of Bishop Conaty-Our Lady of Loretto High School, or A.S.B., is the organization that represents all students. It organizes school-wide activities that promote school spirit, unity, and service throughout the student body. It advocates for student concerns and represents student positions in discussion with the Administration and Faculty. Its governing body is Student Council, which consists of A.S.B. Executive Council Officers and Class Officers.
2021-2022 ASB Executive Officers
President - April Kim
Vice President - Katrina Ramos
Secretary - Isabel Diaz
Treasurer – 
Commissioner of Sports – 
Commissioner of Public Relations - Genesis Guzman
Historian - Isabella Olmos
2021-2022 Senior Class Officers
President – 
Vice President – 
Secretary – 
Treasurer – 
2021-2022 Junior Class Officers
President – Maria Ralph
Vice President – Ruby Arevalo
Secretary – Yadira Matias
Treasurer – Maria Suarez
2021-2022 Sophomore Class Officers
President – Mia Castellanos
Vice President - Juliana Coeto
Secretary – Elaine Rivera
Treasurer - 
2021-2022 Freshman Class Officers
President -
Vice President -
Secretary -
Treasurer -