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Memorial Announcemnents

Please keep in your prayers the families of these Bishop Conaty - Our Lady of Loretto High School Alumni who have passed on to eternal life. Please notify the Alumni Office if you are aware of the passing of an alum at
May God bless each of you as we remember your love and friendship. 
Class of 1924
Virginia Heath
Class of 1940
Aline Kerbrat Seydoux
Sr. Paula Guhs, PBVM
Elizabeth Dorthy Brinton
Class of 1942
Jeanette Haggarty
Class of 1943
Helen Gotses Hud
Class of 1945
Grace Reilly
Class of 1946
Helen Meketarian
Class of 1947
Corinne DeHoyos
Patricia Kaiser
Class of 1948   
Gladys E. Kenkel 
Verre Metoyer La Cour
Class of 1949
Mary Alice Hawkins
Bonita Popper                           
Class of 1952
Eileen Dhuyvetter
Class of 1953 
Marian Analla
Marva Irvine
Patricia Hyland
Mary (Mount) Oliver
Ann Hauber Simsek
Armida Holoquin Kurtz
Carolyn Hoyos Garay 
Sherrill King Baker
Nancy Kohake Fix
Joan Lewis Lewis
Priscilla Lucchesi Curi
Virginia Madigan Ashdown
Barbara Smith Cristino
Mary Louise Smith 
Josephine Tawil Bohamed
Carol Thomas Draper
Class of 1954
Patricia Simmen
Donna Lee Tepe Fribourg
Class of 1955 
Gloria Manzanares
Sr. Kathleen Marie Kinney
Sr. Roberta Connolly, PBVM
Sr. Nancy Mclaughlin, PBVM
Class of 1957
Vera Stewart 
Class of 1958
Lucy Knox Fortune
Class of 1959
Margaret Johnstone Topete
Margaret Ortiz
Marie Van Muysen
Kathy Freeman Brown
Class of 1960
Gloria Fontana
Elva Reyes 
Class of 1962
Linda Prochnow
Class of 1961
Suzanne Hennessey Fernandez
Class of 1964
Anita Ares Gil
Class of 1968
Gloria Aroyo
Gloria Nadalin Beyer
Maria Butcher
Linda Carrillo
Terry Cepeda
Debbie Hart
Cynthia Hollins
Brenda Joseph
Frances Kimble
Rose Luna
Olivia Prout
Regina Sides
Belinda Matthews
Michelle Martin
Mitzi Bomberger
Cheylon Meredith
Elzirma Dufauchard
Class of 1969
Rose Mary Torres, OLL
Loretta Espinosa, OLL 
Class of 1968
Carmen Cueva
Class of 1991
Sylvia M. Munoz
Class of 1993
Tanisha Mitchell
Faculty and Staff   
Sr. Kathleen Marie Kinney- Vice principal and religion teacher 1980-2011
Sr. Joann Bauer, SSND- BCLHS principal 1984-1992
Sr. Rosemary Lynch, OSF - CGHS Spanish Teacher 1947-51
Lucille Whalen
This list has been compiled from emails, obituaries notices, post office records and with the assistance of alumni and their families. If you feel a name appears on this list in error or would like to add a name, please contact Mariana Ortega, the alumnae associate.